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World Head of Family Sokeship Council 23rd Anniversary Celebration

Grandmaster Marchetti recently attended the World Head of Family Sokeship Council 23rd Anniversary Celebration. The event was held over Labor Day weekend at the DoubleTree hotel in Omaha, Nebraska. Grandmaster Marchetti always looks forward attending and this time proved no exception. While traveling Grandmaster Marchetti enjoyed the great companionship of Grandmaster Gary Pointer. They left Florida Friday evening heading…

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Grandmaster Marchetti and Junior dos Santos

While on business recently Grandmaster Marchetti was pleasantly surprised to run into Junior dos Santos. Santos is a fighter currently living in Ft. Lauderdale and training with American Top Team. As Grandmaster Marchetti is a frequent guest at the facility, it is likely they will meet again! We have plenty of other news to come, so…

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Seminar at Iron Warriors in Florida

Recently, Grandmaster Marchetti was invited to observe a seminar given by Grandmaster Stephen Roensch.  The seminar occurred towards the end of August 2015, and the venue was the Iron Warriors dojo in Hollywood Florida, which is owned by 8th Degree Black Belt Rey Perez.  Accompanying Grandmaster Marchetti, was his Michi Budo Ryu black belt and…

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